Actual INFO

Tony ACANDI a new pseudonym. Old - Apetrof.
It appeared from the first syllables ACoustic, ANalog, DIgital.
I of Krasnoyarsk, of Russia.
I graduated in 1996 from the Krasnoyarsk College of Arts as a button accordion player.
I have been writing music since 1994. Published on the Internet since 2013.
In addition to this, I am engaged in sound engineering, dictation,
and also I am repairer-tuner of organ Krasnoyarsk Philharmonic.
Almost my whole life is connected with music.
I experiment a lot with synthesizers,
often draw from scratch from a sinusoid,
by swiping through different plugins, channels, buses, inserts.
I also use virtual analogs of acoustic instruments.
My style is Nuё Baroque. My creativity is connected with Digi technologies.
When I thought about my style:
there are elements of jazz, drum and bass, academic music, polyphony, polyrhythmia.
It seems to me that “Nue Baroque” is the best name for describing my style.
Also, lately I have been devoting a lot of time to traditional polyphony:
fugue, ciaccona - but with all my harmonious melodic and rhythmic elements.
Music is conditionally defined as Jazz, Broken Rhythm, Polyphony,
Aggressive synthesizers
in combination with digital analogues of acoustic pianoforte,
double bass, saxophone, flute, voice samples.
My working environment is Sonar (Bandlab Cakewalk), Pianoteq,
Saxlab, Mysteron, and more...
- My style is Nuё Baroque -


Announcer (broadcaster), sound engineer, arranger & composer.
Genre: Jazz, Jungle, Drum&Bass, Liquid Funk, Instrumental, Breakcore, Ethnic, Soundtrack, Bebop.

Until 2013, the work for the most part was not published.
In November 2013, the official release of the Cyber Life album was released on the Record Union digital platform.
My creativity associated with digital technology in music, it is completely virtualized.

"Doomed Town based" on Strugatsky brothers - Chapter first

Joint performance (parallel) "Trio per uno" Nebojsa Zhivkovich,
Siberian percussion VS "Earth" Tony Acandi

"Ciaccona From Isya Theme" From "Doomed Town based" on Strugatsky brothers

"BACH Relaxation" Fantasy On The Theme BACH

"Towel Day" A Tribute Joby Talbot Journey of the Sorcerer to Douglas Adams Video


"Neutron Star"


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